My goal is to help you develop the skills you need to express your own passion with art.

I emphasize process rather than product, and believe the workshop setting is the place to try new things and learn from each other.

The workshops are relaxed & fun. They are meant to inspire and encourage creativity with pastel.

I try to create a culture of joy and sharing in the class. With over 30 years of experience teaching drawing and painting to all ages and levels, I constantly challenge myself to grow as an artist and instructor.

I offer workshops on drawing, portraiture, pastels and I am available to travel to teach, jury, demonstrate, or mentor. 

Call 928-632-8756 or email for  more information.

Inspired Pastel Artist
Design your own class.

Let me put together a workshop for you or you and your friends!
You choose the time.
Call or email me and we can design the perfect session for you.

Students are expected to bring the following materials:

1. Dry Pastels (not oil)

2. Charcoal Pencils

3. Art Gum eraser

4. Half inch stiff brush

5. 1.5 inch masking tape

6. Sketchbook

7. Good quality photos

8. Paper with a tooth

9. Easel that tips forward (if the student doesn't have one, one will be provided.)

10. Surgical glove, optional.

11. Easel

Students should also bring sun hat/sunscreen, pot luck dish, their choice of beverage, and should wear old clothes and comfortable shoes.

Nancy has all the easels, chairs, tables, boards, dishes, utensils, etc.

Don't forget to bring your camera!  It is a photographer's paradise here so you can plan for future paintings.

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